Monday, February 1, 2016

Hay Pic Picked

So you should remember friend and Wyoming grower Chris Cook.  He has been featured in the blog in the past, like on July 7, 2015 and June 14, 2013.  Check them out.  Chris has used AgroLiquid for several years now on his irrigated strip-till corn and pinto beans plus on his irrigated alfalfa.  It's very dry here in SE Wyoming, but they have had a good supply of irrigation water.  He sent me this picture of one of his fields from last summer, taken from the top of one of his storage bins. Beautiful. Well he informed me that this picture was selected for the cover of the upcoming directory for the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association.  Good choice.  I think it should be the permanent cover. But wait....this field is in Wyoming not Nebraska.  Well it's in Southeast Wyoming close to Nebraska, and when he bales it, some probably gets blown across the state line.  I'd give it a pass too I guess.  I asked what kind of high powered camera he used, and said it was his Samsung Galaxy S5 phone!  I like my iPhone, but this is much better.  (And this is lowered resolution for e-mail too.)

A little more about his alfalfa program.  The soil pH's are all very high, over 8.  So it is made for foliar application. He applies a combination of Pro-Germinator + Sure-K + accesS + Micro 500 + MicroLink Boron at green-up in the spring, and then a combination of Pro-Germinator + Sure-K + accesS + Micro 500 + MicroLink Manganese and Iron after the first and second cuttings. He can usually get four cuttings, and can get 9 tons/A.  He has been recognized for yield and quality. He has also won the state NCGA Corn Yield Contest for irrigated strip-till several times using AgroLiquid. So congratulations all the way around Chris.  I wish you a Happy 2016 growing season!