Sunday, February 28, 2016

Miles and Miles of Texas

So a couple weeks ago I found myself in Sunray, Texas home of Patton Custom Fertilizer.  It's out in the Panhandle North of Amarillo.  I was there to lend some support to a key retail partner as spring planting draws ever closer.  I used to get down there every year back in the day.  But it had been several years since my last visit.  Nice to see that the Co-op still provides wind protection for the Liquid storage tanks.

On the way out, there was one warning sign that I took particular notice of.  As it says, I sat and watched for a while, but did not see any.  Maybe next time. 
The next day PCF sales agronomist Dustin (on the right) and I called on some customers.  It was good to see these guys again.
 They have one field set up with buried drip tape that they run Liquid fertilizer though.  Or I mean, though which they run Liquid fertilizer.
 Here we are back at the tank site.  Plenty of storage capacity here.
 Our mission, load up a trailer of AgroLiquid fertilizer for a new customer to run through strip till.  I'm sure he will be pleased with Pro-Germinator, micros and High NRG-N.  Hopefully I can go back later in the season to have a look.  Is it just me or does it look like that grain elevator is about to tip over?  Hmmm.  It was windy that day.
 Field delivery...what service.
 By the end of the day, we had seen plenty of fields and talked to a number of grower, some regulars and prospects.  It's kind of like recruiting football make your pitch and hope they select the AgroLiquid team.  It helps that we are highly ranked each year.  But this is a challenging year, so don't give up.
If you want to grow a good crop using the most efficient fertilizer there is, AgroLiquid is still the one to go to.  I've been around longer than most here at AgroLiquid, and I've seen others come and go, but AgroLiquid still stands tallest in the crop nutrition field.  When times are good or challenging...the result is the same.  

Later that week I went over to another Retail Partner, Norman Seed and Sales in the small town of Trenton, TX which is North of Dallas.  Jay and I made similar rounds, but alas, no pics.  But more on that later.

By the way, how many know that song that doubles as the blog post title?  Originally by Bob Wills, but made popular by Asleep at the Wheel.  Well I saw them back in the 70's while in college at OSU. (You know, the good OSU, but not THE OSU.)  Even got an autographed record after the show.  Never envisioned that it would be a blog post someday.  What was a blog then anyway?