Thursday, April 14, 2016

One More Blog Post From Southern California

So it turns out I still had a couple pictures left on my last roll of film.  And I don't like to waste.  So here is really the last post from my California trip in March.  Having finished business out in the Imperial Valley, we drove back to San Diego.  It is pretty much desert which is quite a contrast from the lush Imperial Valley.  All of that flat ground and sunshine makes for a good spot for this massive solar farm.  Although it was a rare cloudy day.  Question: why are things like this called a "farm"?  I didn't see one tractor or cow. 
And here is one of the many wind farms we saw.  As before, no combines or grain bins.  Probably not worth the effort for an attempted fertilizer sale here. 
One interesting thing is the "mountains" we saw.  Unlike regular mountains, these are literally just piles of rocks rising out of the flat ground.  Don't know if this was a government project of if it was like this all by itself.
Later on was a Wine Grape Symposium put on by one of AgroLiquid's new Retail Partner, Grangetto's of Escondido, CA.  About 30 miles North of San Diego.  It was attended by a large group of primarily independent grape growers.  There were a variety of speakers on topics such as varieties, diseases, insects, cover crops, and of course, fertility.  A good learning experience especially for someone like me who only recently ventured out of a corn field.
And no conference is worth attending if there is no AgroLiquid booth.  So there was one here.  We see JW in his formal black cowboy hat, and Carlos on the far left who needs no hat (or does he?) They are talking to grape growers about the many virtues of AgroLiquid products like Pro-Germinator, a name to trust for consistent performance.
So my California experience was certainly worth four blog posts.  It's a big state and there is activity going on nearly all year long.  But now as spring planting approaches back here in Michigan, home of the NCRS, I will turn my focus on getting things underway for yet another year of research in the great LAND OF LIQUID!