Saturday, April 30, 2016

Green Thumb Expo!

So did you know that today was the First Green Thumb Expo that was held at the AgroLiquid World Headquarters?  Well if you didn't you will have to wait till next year for the next one.  Green Thumb Expo was mainly a home and garden show with numerous vendors.  It was the idea of Kaitlynn and Margie, the first faces you see as you walk into our building.  It was a huge success with a large number of vendors and a large number of visitors.  
There were landscapers, garden supply, MSU extension, the beautiful Emerald golf course (who use AgroLiquid), lawn equipment, lawn care service, solar equipment, handmade items, pies, plants, food trucks, and probably other stuff too.  And did I mention pies?  Vendors were in the lobby and in the conference rooms.
There was quite a crowd.  It started at 9 but I showed up at 11. They said it was really crowded when the doors opened.  Of course there was a booth about AgroLiquid that you can see at the end of the lobby.
Eustaquia, aka The Flash, was publicizing four area 5K races with an Ag theme that are taking place this summer.  And of course that includes the Farm To Fork 5K at the NCRS on August 20.  Those women better stop talking and get over there and sign up if they know what's good for them.
There were even vendors in the front parking lot.  Want a mower?  Garden equipment? Golf? Tanks? Solar powered glow-in-the-dark flowers?  Well this was your gold mine.  Plus the food was out here.  So everyone went.
The sky was even green for the Green Thumb Expo.  Here is the outdoor AgroLiquid booth.  Lots of plants and lawn fertilizer information.
Our chief grounds caretaker, Brian, did a grass demo.  This was planted on April 1 and the tray on the left recieved the green lawn fertilizer Nutri-Rain and the tray on the right had no fertilizer.  Which would you want your lawn to look like?
In fact, the lawn fertilizer was so popular that Eric here in the store had to keep having more brought out to the front to meet demand.  I'm sure all the Nutri-Rain will just go to prove that they are the leading lawns in the state. 
So I'd say the First Green Thumb Expo was a resounding success.  I guess that means that there will likely be a Second.  There were a lot of AgroLiquid employees that made this a success.  So thanks for all the hard work.  And this is not the only Expo in the plans for the summer.  Coming up in August...the AgroExpo at the NCRS.  Stay tuned.