Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out in blogland.  I am thankful for all of the loyal followers of Land of Liquid.  I am also thankful to be an active participant in the world of agriculture and working with my fellow researchers and agronomists to develop and promote a better program of crop nutrition.  But we pause on this day of Thanksgiving to spend with family and friends and maintaining traditions.  Like we always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  Here are the elf balloons signifying that Santa is near.
 And here he is.  It's only a month till he takes to the air to deliver Pro-Germinator to the good farmers all across the Land of Liquid.  Except in California where it's PrG.  (Don't ask.)
 The traditions don't stop there.  Right after the parade is the Dog Show.  We have three dogs and always enjoy watching together.  Like here is the pug entry in the Toy Dog group.  But it's fixed since the pug never wins.  But we watch anyway.
 And early afternoon means it's time to start the grill for smoking the turkey.  We went to some friends for Thanksgiving while living in Minnesota back in 1985.  They smoked their turkey and it was so good that I have been doing it my own self ever since.  I am now, always have been and always will be a charcoal person.  That is the way to make smoke, to me anyway.  
 And here is the finished bird.  You can see that the popper has popped.  (I removed the foil covering and water cans prior to the pic.  I'm not a barbarian.)  And it tasted as good as it looked.  Oh so smokey. There is kind of a smoking fraternity at AgroLiquid HQ.  It seems that Troy and Chris also are turkey smokers.  So naturally I texted a pic of my grill in action to them.
 Like I said, everyone has their own traditions.  Troy and family evidently had already eaten before I even lit my coals.  Troy is a Traeger grill guy.  I am not knowledgeable of such things, but have heard of this.  He texted this to Chris and me.  I will say that it looks pretty nice.  Although I am not familiar with this bondage technique of the legs.  But will seek knowledge on this strange practice.
Chris texted this pic of his turkey.  I'm pretty sure it has already been cut up on this serving platter. Although it may have come off the grill like this.  You never know what those crazy chemists are up to.  But he said it was good and I'm sure it was.  He is in the smoking fraternity after all.
So I hope all of the individual turkey day traditions were enjoyed by all.  So maybe in the next blog post I will talk about agriculture stuff.  But I love Thanksgiving.