Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Painting the Orchard. Really!

So a couple blogs ago there was a picture of the orchard with base of the tree trunks painted white. This is to enable the trees to withstand the sunlight reflected off the snow that can damage the trunks. Well the job wasn't yet complete and it was unusually warm in the mid-50's today, so time to paint. Here we see Jacob applying paint with a pump up sprayer and then Renee spreading the paint around evenly with a big brush.  It is slow going in a high-density orchard with three foot tree spacing. Probably a power painter would help.
Well that is what Tim and Quinten are using.  But there is only one and they must have won the coin toss.
But it does make the trees look nice and professional.  It's supposed to be nice tomorrow and they should get it finished.
Jacob says it should last a couple years as the trees are still growing. Let it snow I guess.  Although everyone is enjoying the nice weather, so hope it holds off a little while longer.