Monday, February 6, 2017

NCRS Hoop Dreams

So it seems that the AgroLiquid Fitness Committee was worried that the NCRS crew was getting soft turning wrenches and greasing bearings during winter equipment maintenance.  So one day a basketball hoop appeared and now there is plenty of physical activity during breaks and lunch.  Jeff lets one fly as Phil, Zouheir, Brian, and Tim G brace for the rebound.  I mean the swish.
Tim posts up Zouheir who would be wise to pass rather than challenge Sir Tim.
After the game Jeff gets pretty fancy showing the progress all this physical activity has brought.
 Not to be outdone, Phil executes a perfect Reverse Slam.
Renae shows the boys who the real Queen of Basketball is by letting it fly from the storage deck. Nothing but net.  No one could top that, so back to work.
In the growth chamber, an experiment is being conducted for growing transplant tomatoes for a large nursery supplier.  Ferti-Rain is looking very good against the conventional and possibly other AgroLiquid inputs. Hmmm.  By the way, this growth chamber was one of my first purchases back in 1992.  Glad it's still in use proving Liquid strong. 
And here is Zouheir in his NCRS lab running some experiments on potassium movement in his soil monoliths.  He will be talking about them at the upcoming summit.
Well that is a great start to the week at the NCRS.