Saturday, February 25, 2017

For Your Viewing Pleasure

So while spring planting has started down in South Texas and probably some other places, for much of the country planting is still a ways off.  So what better way to fill that time than to watch some great videos.  Well AgroLiquid can provide.  Did you know that AgroLiquid has a Facebook page?   I thought it was a passing fad, but it seems to be here to stay.  And for current activity, it is better than a website.  So Facebook is the place to post available videos due to the amount of traffic.  Log onto our page.  You have to have a facebook account though.  I finally succumbed myself.
 But I'm mainly here to talk about the Research videos.  Every year, we have produced a series of info-sheets called Research Supports Future Growth.  Well this year we are all video, all the time.  So click "videos" in the menu column, and here you are.
There are three so far, with more to come each week.  I hope to get them labelled better for clarity of topic.  Stephanie and Tim led off, but I did my first one of these last week on High Plains Cotton.  So even if you are outside of the High Plains and don't plan on growing cotton, you should still watch as it is very informative. (Evidently it records number of views, and I need the business.)  Well I exceeded the recommended couple of minutes that actually holds people's attention, but it's worth it. So here is a scene from my video.  You can tell it's about cotton since I am holding some actual cotton.  I always knew it would come in handy someday when I brought it back to Michigan.   
And if these videos weren't enough,  AgroLiquid was just featured on an actual television show. That was the wildly popular Rural America Live on RFD-TV network last Thursday night.  If it was your bowling night and you missed it, fear not, it is available on the AgroLiquid Facebook page.  Find a place that looks like this. I say click it.  Click it good.  
So this was a joint venture with our friends and Retail Partners from Security Seed and Chemical. They were talking about AgroLiquid for supplying crop nutrition.  Even when commodity prices are tough, you still need to feed the plants to get optimal returns.  There was a rotating format.  Below we see agronomist Lang (L) and research director Patrick (R) from Security Seed & Chemical with Chris the chemist from AgroLiquid next to host Mark Oppold.  Galynn came in and out and then in again to explain that AgroLiquid is the wise choice for growing any crop.  And fortunately there was video of the NCRS and the importance of research to support the use of our unique nutrition. Security Seed & Chemical (SSC) also has an extensive field research program in Kentucky and Tennessee that Patrick manages with input from Lang.  Then Lang is responsible for spreading the word to growers and other SSC dealers.   We are research collaborators for sure.  Research provides proof and guidance for AgroLiquid use in the field.  Profit the Farmer is our motto.  
So that was a fun watch.  Hopefully you get through it all this weekend and are ready for next weeks Research Supports Future Growth installment.  (By the way, can you believe it's already been two months since Christmas?  Me neither.)