Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tales From the Summit

So how do you think all of the important new things at AgroLiquid get conveyed to our mighty sales team of Retail Partners?  Well the best way is through attendance at an AgroLiquid Summit.  The Western Summit was a few weeks ago in Las Vegas.  Here is the giant Welcome To Las Vegas sign.
Well we weren't exactly right in Las Vegas, but just outside it at the beautiful Hilton Resort at Lake Las Vegas.  I mean there were so many important things to cover that we couldn't risk being distracted by having Wayne Newton or David Copperfield drop by.
There were a number of presentations on new products plus support info on products, as by long-time Sales Account Managers Brian Waugh and Aarron Stahl.
They shared experiences they have had over the years, such as the importance of micro-nutrient fertility and the best way to provide it with nutrient products like Micro 500.
Ashley and Dale introduced the Bancroft family and paid tribute to their hard work at keeping this a family operation that enables all of us to provide a valuable and unique service to farmers all across North America.  We have Troy, Jill, Gerrit, Albert and Nick who all were a part of the Summit.
There was a Q&A with a panel of the Agronomists and Chemist.  A topic of great interest was the new Primagro family of crop nutrition plus biological enhancements, all in a convenient field ready-to-go combination.
And it wouldn't be a Summit without a Research presentation by Dr. Massri, myself and Stephanie. We had a new approach where there was an introduction of nutrient background, new soil-nutrient interaction proof data from Zouheir and then field research support data that proves superior performance as explained by the nutrient activity in the soil.  We now have soil and field research proof of performance.  Very cool and certainly a Summit highlight. (Thanks to Colina for the pic).
Albert presented a new video highlighting the benefits that the Primagro family of nutrients offers to growers.  It had a five star rating for sure.  (Five out of five that is.)
Galynn talked about overcoming objections in selling AgroLiquid.  Glad that's taken care of now.
Lonny had a group participation activity that had something about how offering AgroLiquid to growers is better than striking gold.
Driving back through Las Vegas you could see mention of some of the top entertainment that is offered to visitors.
Maybe next time we can get a sweet deal at this place.
And I don't think I've ever had a picture or mention of Angi from Marketing, with Ashley of Sales beside her, and acknowledge the help and support that she provided in putting this event on.  (Kathryn from Marketing was also a big help in the success, but sadly I didn't have a pic of her there.  But it will come someday when she least expects it.)
So Retail Partners are primed and more ready than ever to assist in provision of crop nutrient needs.  Really, try them.