Monday, March 20, 2017

More California Adventures

So as I said in the previous post, one of our objectives for the week was to establish some fertilizer research plots on some of the important crops crops there.  But with over 400 different commodities, that's a challenge.  Here are Agronomist JW and Sales Account Manager Armando with a researcher discussing fertility needs of oranges.  They are in the pre-bloom stage today. 
We also met with one of AgroLiquid's Retail Partners, Mid-Valley Agricultural Services at their main office in Linden, not too far from our manufacturing plant in Stockton.
Below we see JW giving a product update to some of their PCA's under the watchful eye of Armando.  What is a PCA you may be asking?  It is a Pest Control Advisor.  In California you must be a licensed PCA in order to make pest control recommendations.  But they are also making all sorts of agronomic input recommendations.  So if you plan to work in agri-business in California, then plan on getting that license.  JW is very active in the CA PCA organization and is even an instructor for continuing education credits.
It's no secret that I enjoy stopping at unusual tourist sites.  Like when JW told me that this is where iconic actor James Dean was killed in a car crash near this site on September 30, 1955 at the age of 24 years old.  Well I had to have him pull over so I could see for my own self.  For some reason, this tree is dedicated to James Dean and there is a plaque signifying what happened.  It's also right next to a restaurant which may have something to do with it.  But he actually crashed his new Porsche a few hundred yards from here in a two car collision.  Probably some people haven't heard of James Dean (yet), but he was a cultural icon and starred in some big movies in the year of his death.  They were East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant (which came out in 1956).  Below SAM Dylan and JW look at the memorial. (Some of you may never have seen JW without a cowboy hat on.  But out of respect to James, well he took it off.)
There is a picture of the wreck inside the restaurant.  Probably not going to walk away from this crash.
If you travel up and down I-69 in Northern Indiana you may have seen the exit for the small town of Fairmount, about halfway between Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne.  Well there is a sign with a picture of James Dean indicating that it is his boyhood home.  He is also buried there.  Haven't made the stop, but may have to sometime as I drive that route quite a bit.