Monday, March 27, 2017

Meanwhile Back at the NCRS

So we got a new planter a few weeks ago.  A Kinze 3500 with 15" Interplant system.  Some assembly required.  Quinten, Tim, Phil and Ron discuss what comes next.  The Monosem served us well for over ten years, but time for an upgrade.
Tim reads the meters.
Whether it's 6 rows or 11 rows, this big vacuum fan ought to do the job.  It's huge.
Ron built a tank holder frame, with another one on the way.  It's also getting some Precision Planting attachments.  So it should be ready when planting begins in a few weeks.  Anyone could order a planter in the  fall and take all winter working on it.  But we like to stay fresh with short deadline driven accuracy.
Last week Phil started topdressing some wheat.  It's rare that fields are dried out enough to get on this early.  
Say, wasn't I just with JW in California?  He must have followed me home.  But while here he gave some pruning tips in the orchard.  JW is an apple pruner from way back.  Tim B, Jay and Renae discuss the finer points of pruning.  The orchard is pretty much done as it's that time of year.  But just a few more well-placed snips. 
Snip snip here.  Snip snip there.  And a couple of tra la la's.  (Come on, everybody knows that song.) Thanks for the pointers JW.
Well the days are getting longer and warmer as well.  Although still chilly.  But we're getting that itchy feeling that planting season is getting close.  At least I hope that's what it is.