Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Luck Tim!

Today I want to feature one of the new NCRS employees, Tim Brussel. Tim started a few months ago and works as a research assistant in Specialty Crops. Tim is a great worker and has already been a great help to Dr. Levene's program. But the reason I am writing about him is that on Thursday he and his wife will depart for Tanzania in Africa as volunteers for Faith Tech's International Bible School. This is their fifth trip to Africa with Faith Tech, and they will be there for 2 weeks, teaching 2 classes a day. Tim says that most in the classes are adults, and the intent is to teach life lessons using the Bible as guidance, reference and example. Go to www.faithtech.org for more information. They were supposed to go in April, but the volcano in Iceland had other plans. I'm sure that you join us in wishing them luck and you can find out more about his trip when you visit the NCRS.

In other activities, Doug and Stephanie planted our milo fertilizer test plots.

And look at what happened in the sweet corn test plots. The plots start inside the grass, and the planter dropped on the grass to be planting at the start. See what the Pro-Germinator + Sure-K + Micro 500 did to the grass. It makes even better corn food.
As for me, I am out of town on assignment. I can't tell you where I am but here is a clue. When I got to town tonight, I picked up a local newspaper, and there was an article by a reporter named Jimmy Olsen.