Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laying Pipe

Well folks, I apologize for the late post, but I left my camera at the farm yesterday, and couldn't do my blog post last night. And I don't work without pictures. So here is a quick re-cap of Tuesday. The day was another cold, windy, drizzly day. So we decided to attend to some rainy day projects. One was to put a pipe into the drainage ditch that cathces the water from the new tiling of Farm 3. There was aleady a ditch there that caught surface drainage, but flow has really increased with tiling. So to be responsible caretakers, we wanted to run a pipe through it to the big drainage creek to prevent erosion. This is going pretty well so far. Fortunatley our summer help has arrived this week. Additionally, when the tiling was going on in early April, the big track tiler did catch two sections of our underground pipe from the well on Farm 3 to the risers on Farm 4. It was really muddy and a tight turn for the tiler, and there was slippage and danger of getting stuck, so he kept the blade in the ground and hoped for the best. But he did snag the pipe in two places. So we had to dig out the broken pipe (we did have a backhoe) and put in a new fix. We aren't completely done yet. So this is to let you know that we do more than just drive tractors.