Monday, May 17, 2010

Planting Resumes

After being wet last week, we were able to start planting again on some of our lighter ground today. The heavier ground on the new farm was still too wet. So we got a few more soybean tests planted. The first picture shows Stephanie and Doug confering after loading some treatments into the planter. This is our new plot fertilizer wagon, or "war wagon". It has larger tanks for the main products, and a manifold system and pump. Batch components are controlled by a Raven controller. This sure beats the old system of loading fertilizer treatments with buckets.

In the next picture, Doug is planting a soybean plot. He does like planting this test as the plots are 900 feet long. Press "auto" and autosteer takes over. Most plots are around 200+ feet long.

In the next picture, we see Dr. Brian Levene planting carrot plots using a 1-row vacuum planter. This vaccum planter is actually powered by.... a Shop Vac! Custom built by Doug Summer using a unit off the Monosem, it works very well for the planted vegetable plots.