Saturday, March 12, 2011

The End of Research at LIQUID!

So it has come to this. Research as we know it has come to an end at LIQUID.Relax readers. Instead it has gotten better! The Research Department has merged with the Agronomy Department into one Agronomic Sciences Department. This will enable better coordination of efforts of both. The logo was designed by Albert Bancroft and lists the main functions of the department in the outer ring. So research is still alive and well, it just has a new name.
New researcher Dan had barely gotten settled into his new desk and then was out last Monday pruning the fruit trees on the farm next to Troy's house. Well he said on his resume that he was experienced in this, and we made him prove it. He did do a nice job though.

The builders of the new equipment barn on Farm 3 continue to make good progress in spite of the snow and mud. Ron and Randy have been working on the wiring of the fertilizer and chemical building shown in the back.

You wouldn't know it by the weather but there was a sign this week that a change of season is near. Red-winged Blackbirds, the harbingers of spring, arrived in the area a few days ago. Their unmistakable call heard in the morning did kind of make me think that warmer days, and the mobilization of farmers, are on the way. These birds are feeding on the ground below the home feeder this morning.

So I am off on a fertilizer mission this week. But as always, should anything of note happen, it will be reported here first.