Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is Late at the NCRS

Winter Tackles Farm! So yesterday it was cold and all different forms of precipitation was falling at some point in the day. There was rain, and then snow and then sleet. Here is my view from my office window late yesterday afternoon, and it was sleeting at the time. Fortunately we did not receive the heavy snow that other parts of the Northern U.S. got. Where I was in North Dakota last week got over a foot of snow. Today started sunny but everything was coated with ice, including the roads. Here are the grapes and trellis lines at the NCRS.
But it didn't stop the builders. Here is the shop extension this morning. Fortunately the roof was all shingled and they didn't have to climb up there.

Here are the two new buildings on Farm 3. They are being wired and waiting for some warmer weather to pour the concrete floors, including the sumped containment for the fertilizer and chemical storage building.

There is no warmup in the forecast. It will be below freezing until Monday, but at least we don't have to deal with mud for awhile.