Sunday, July 17, 2011

LIQUID Employee Fun Day

So after all of the hard work by the LIQUID employees in St. Johns this year, we were treated to an employee (and family) fun day yesterday. It started with a half round of best-ball golf with teams. (For some reason I did not get my camera out for golf pics. Too busy looking for my ball in the trees I guess.)

Then there was a nice lunch at the golf course, where we were joined by others who were non-golfers and any kids. After lunch and awards, Nick addresses the group. Then we drove over to Ashley for a tour of the new plant. It is fully operational now, and last Friday was the last day for the old plant in St. Johns as everything worth keeping was moved to Ashley. There will be a plant tour at the PLFP as well as an open house for the public on August 24. Circle the date.

We split into groups to see the place. It was impressive. Below Albert talks about all of the 30,000 gallon tanks in the place. There are more on the other side of this room, and other rooms too. He said how many there were but I forgot. But it's alot.

Below is a picture of the place where trucks are loaded. This is the stairway and ramps that Ron built at the farm. They can load a tanker really fast. He said how fast, but I forgot. But it's really fast.

After seeing other things like reactors, boilers, railcar loading/unloading, truck scales, offices, and Twin-Pack loading, we said farewell and went to the North Central Research Station for more festivities. It was 90+ degrees out, but the excitement was such that no one noticed. Below Nick addresses the group again.

Then we loaded up for a brief tour of the new buildings and to have a look at the growing crops.

Here we are by the grapes. There were bunches of them. No really!

Then it was back to the shop for a final treat. Troy's homemade ice cream and cake (probably not made by Troy) are served below by Andrea and Jill. It really hit the spot.

So thanks to all of the Bancrofts for providing such a great time.