Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trying For More Corn

So most of the corn is tasseling now at the NCRS. Some of the later corn is not yet this far along, but most is. We have had a great deal of heat units of late to advance corn growth, but sadly, still no rain. I believe we have only had 0.1 inch all month. But more on that later. Yesterday we made some foliar applications of some fertilizers to corn in the VT stage, or tassels fully emerged. These were applied along with a popular fungicide, as well as treatments of fungide with no fertilizer and no foliar at all. As dry as it is, I'm not sure what diseases are around, but the mornings have very high humidity and dew, so we will see. The Hagie plot sprayer makes a good applicator for these treatments. Here I am coming out of a plot. The nozzles on 15 inch spacing on the boom work great for this. I turn off every other one so that just the nozzles over the row middles are spraying. I also use pretty high pressure: 80 psi. And since it is a fungicide and good coverage is desired, I used 20 gal/A. So it blasted away pretty good. Fortunately yesterday morning was cloudy, so it didn't get too hot. Below you can see the nozzles spraying between the rows.
The nozzles that weren't spraying were directly over the corn plant and brushed through the tassels getting covered in pollen. All this pollen didn't bother me, but poor Stephanie got choked up a little from allergy. Although I did feel sad that none of this pollen would ever have the opportunity to land on a corn silk and make a pollen tube and ultimately, a kernal. But I try not to think of these things during application.

Now for the rest of the week I am off on yet another fertilizer mission. Have a good rest of the week and, as always, should anything blog-worthy happen, this is where it will appear.