Monday, September 10, 2012

Around the NCRS Today

So today was spent getting ready for our last week of Research Field Day tours at the NCRS.  The first one is Tuesday.  It has been 3 weeks since the last one, and the farm has sure changed as far as crop maturity.  Here we see Brian and Tim digging potatoes from the demonstration plots. They are using the nice plot digger that we have. The research plots are soon to follow.
Here is another demonstration plot for corn, with ears and roots ready for viewing.  The corn is probably a week or so from black layer.  Again we were so fortunate to have avoided the drought that plagued so many this year.
Here is Phil spraying a desiccant on a field of production Navy Beans on Farm 3.  This is to get them to dry down for harvest.  If you don't do this, they can green up again if it rains, and that is not good for harvesting.  So a shot of Gramoxone will do the trick.
Here is a field of Navy Bean test plots that was sprayed only last Friday.  It works fast.  They will be harvested probably next Monday after all of the tour business is over.
Here is a field of soybean plots on Farm 7 that are really dropping leaves right now.  Won't be too much longer till the combine rolls through here.
Well tomorrow we throw open the doors for more farmer tours.  Hope to show some of the action then.