Monday, September 10, 2012

Well You Can't Work All the Time

So on Saturday, Stephanie and Ryan hosted their 10th annual pig roast, or pig gig as they call it.  Certainly something I look forward to.  They started cooking it at 6:30 am and here they are cutting it up a little after 4 in the afternoon.  That's Ryan in the middle and his co-chef brothers.  Who doesn't love a roasted pig?  You can see Stephanie keeping an eye on the proceedings in the back.
Stephanie said that there were 268 family and friends pass through the yard at some point during the feast.  That's a record, and probably why there were no leftovers brought to the farm today as in years past.  (You know, I should probably change today's blog title because I know Stephanie worked hard before and after the event.  Well I'll say it pertains to me then.)
And here is 7 year old Tyler serving up the corn on the cob from his corn box.  He actually had this exact same set up last year.  I think he knows how the "R" goes now, but glad he kept the tradition.  That corn is from the NCRS you know.
Since it was game day, they had the MSU game on for us football fans.  Go Sparty!
What better way is there to spend a Saturday?  Thank you so much Ryan and Stephanie. 
Now get back to work and get ready for more tours this week!