Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life at the NCRS in the Post-RFD Era

So it was a good week to get a lot of stuff done, especially since I wasn't there to get in the way.  (Stephanie sent me these pictures to prove that there was work being done.)  On Monday the three Navy Bean plots were harvested.  This was on September 17, and last year we harvested our Navy Beans on October 3.  So either we were slackers last year, or the extra heat brought an early harvest this year.  Hmmmm. 
Yes, these were in fact Navy Beans.  Soup anyone?
On Tuesday the NCRS was host to a class from MSU.  It was taught by Dr. Foster, and she has attended the field tours before, and brought a class out last year too.  Obviously you need something to get their attention, so why not show cartoons?  I'm sure they are all Farm Guy fans now.
Below we see Stephanie telling them how it is in the real world.  Hopefully they will remember what they learn in class, but also how to use that information to help feed the world.  Good agronomists are needed.
And that was the week that was.