Monday, February 11, 2013

Armed for N-Action (not inaction)

These are some recent pictures of our Hagie sprayer with the sidedress units in place.  Tim D took these. Sidedress is the major method of N application to corn at the NCRS as well as other places.  This unit also will enable us to make later applications to taller corn, and to simulate later applications through overhead irrigation, as we have done in the past with drop nozzles.  Now our research plots are only 6 rows wide, so we will drop the outside applicators for plot work.  But we will also use this for our so-called production corn as well as wider field-sized plots.  Should be great, so stay tuned.  And remember this is from the company that does real research to support our products.
Well you didn't think you drive down the road with all of the 11 row units opened up knocking down mailboxes, did you?  It folds up as shown enabling safe transit from farm to farm.  Also could be used to coax open sticky barn doors I guess.
Unfortunately I had a camera incident where my camera bit the dust and somehow rendered the SD card to be no good too.  Couldn't download pictures from last week of our snow storm, barn leaping contest and machete throwing exposition.  Lost forever.  But I am on a fertilizer mission this week and have a back-up, so hopefully have something to show later in the week.  Something of interest?  Don't put restrictions on me.