Saturday, February 23, 2013

Destination LIQUID

So this was a week of planning meetings at the headquarters of that little company you know as AgroLiquid.  The place was full of sales, marketing, agronomy and research managers from across the Land of Liquid.  So at week's end we all had the year planned out, and it looks good for all users of Liquid.  Senior Sales Manager Galynn was here from Guymon on Monday morning and made himself at home at his desk.  Actually it is a model for the new building work stations, and is out in the warehouse by my trailer office.  (This said to demonstrate the need for the new office building.)  Now this was Galynn's birthday, and it was nice of him to come in early to celebrate with all of us here in St. Johns.  I won't say how old he is since he tells everyone he is only 28.  But here's a clue: He had an "L" of a nice day.  (Need more? Think Roman.) 
We all took a tour of the new office building under construction.  I had not been in there since November 20.  (For comparison, see the blog post on that date.)  Here we are in the lobby as Nick gives the lowdown on what's up.  I thought that was a big stone fireplace in the back, but I think it's an elevator.
And here are Cory, myself and Galynn in an area that may be where our future work stations will be located.  It will be tough having grads from Nebraska, Oklahoma State/Michigan State and OU so close together.  But I promise to be a gracious, and frequent, winner.  (Not sure what the "sparkles" are in the pic.  Maybe new- building crystals.)
Here is the group on the walkway to the lobby silo.  This will be quite a place when completed next summer.
Troy describes the plans for the ag tech center.  It will be the highlight of the whole place.  Although we were told that there will be a new name for it, so that's why I used all small letters.  If you want to perhaps have it named after you, send me a "donation" (one with lots of zeros after a big number) and I'll see what I can do.  Results guaranteed. (Not guaranteed.)
Cory checks his phone for messages.
Stephanie does the same.  (I'm sure I will pay for this.) 
And back to current HQ for more (fill in appropriate adjective) meetings.  This picture was on Wednesday morning, and by Friday we were covered with snow.
On Friday, Field Agronomy Managers Mike from Florida and Rick from California made it clear that they will be happy to leave the snow behind and return to the warmth of home.  Hey, isn't that Mike in that Volkswagon commercial playing catch in his front yard? (I'm sure I'll pay for that too.)
So now it's time to get caught up on all the work that piled up during the meetings.  And off I go on another fertilizer mission next week.  Happy weekend.