Sunday, February 3, 2013

Did You Watch RFD Live The Other Night?

So did you?  It was really good.  I'm sure there will be a link at the website that will enable you to watch it, or watch it again, and again.  They did talk about research a number of times, and aired several videos that showed the NCRS.  Below is a collage I made from pics on the TV show.  It shows me in a familar scene of being in the field with my computer.  Then also is Stephanie and Tim talking about the importance of research to support the fine line of AgroLiquid nutrients.  And then there is a scene showing Dr. Brian and Tim B running plot potatoes on the sorter.  So research and the NCRS was prominently featured.
The rest of the show had these guys.
Well actually that is our Senior Sales Manager Galynn along with Area Manager and owner of Agmerica Northeast, Steve Darrington.  They talked about the company and what makes Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers different from everyone else.  And I mean everyone!  One thing that Galynn discussed is something that I'm sure many people might think, and that is Why should I believe research from your own research farm?  He told how there might be those that think we make up results, but that would only be a short-term benefit.  Further, that AgroLiquid is here for the long haul to the future.  So there is no benefit to releasing fake information that would turn around and hurt us long term.  He correctly said that our research is to prove the products work and to train our sales people, like Steve, on how to position our fertilizers correctly.  We have been doing that as a company for over 30 years, and telling the truth has only helped us grow.  Besides, do I look like someone who would do something like that?

Oh, and Galynn also mentioned that we are transparent when it comes to our research and the NCRS.  The picture below proves that!
There was also a video of our wise CEO talking about our company and commitment to agriculture.

So that was nice.  What else is going on today?  The Superbowl of course.  It's about an hour till kick-off and I need to make my predictions.  I really don't have ties to either team.  So let's see, we use Raven controllers in our equipment, so maybe I'll cheer for Baltimore.  But on some of our fields we use 4 gal/A of Pro-Germinator + 9 gal/A of Sure-K, so maybe I'll be for the 49ers.  Hmmm.
I think it will be pretty close, but I'll pick the Ravens, say 34 to 31.  Now let's go watch.