Thursday, March 7, 2013

Go East, Young Man (Huh?)

So maybe not really young these days, but I did go out East this week to see about setting up some research trials with our favorite fertilizer.  Sticking with my policy of not revealing new research details until they are in action, I will only say that there are now plans to establish a corn fertilizer test down in this field in a state in the Eastern U.S. of A.  I hope to show a pic from this same point later in the summer and be able to give more information then.
But I can talk about the great supper I had that evening.  I was looking for a place to eat and was lead by Miss Garmin to a restaurant called Chianti International Cuisine in the small town of Salem, VA.  I like the unusual and unique.  It was kind of late when I got there and I was the only one there. I sat down and saw all these framed newspaper and magazine articles on the wall about a chef and all the celebrities he had cooked for and cooking and restaurant awards from around the world.  Well that chef came over to take my order, and we visited and he said he would cook me a  meal of veal with tomato, pepper and artichoke sauce that would be very good.  And there it is in the picture below.  And it was.
There was a framed certificate naming him as America's Outstanding Chef in 1990.  Plus articles of how he cooked for stars like Madona and a picture of him with Luciano Pavarotti.  He has cooked in famous restaurants in Italy and California, plus was an instructor at the C.I.A.  (That's the Culinary Institute of America).  Somehow he ended up here a few years ago.
He was happy to let me take his pic.  So you ever find yourself in Salem, stop in for a great meal.
The next day I went up to Salisbury, Maryland to meet with Sales Account Manager Benjy and Ron Mulford.  Ron has been featured in this blog a number of times.  He is retired from the University of Maryland now but still active in research plots there and elsewhere. We have had plots with Ron for a number of years there on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  That would be the hangy down part of Maryland east of the Chesapeake Bay.  As we always do, we met at our favorite restaurant, Brew River, for plot planning.  We got there early to get a table by the window looking out on the Wicomico River which runs to the Bay.  Anyway, we have a number of good tests planned this year.  Unfortunately, they were very dry last summer, but like always, we are optomistic this year.
At lunch I had my traditional Maryland Crab Cake.  Delicious but not too filling.  Have to keep the mind on research after all.  I don't think they have a Chef of the Year there, but it is always good.
After that meeting, Benjy and I drove up to Seaford, Delaware to see one of the Area Manager dealers for AgroLiquid.  That would be Aurora Agronomy.  I am somewhat amazed at how much cropland there is on the Eastern shore of Delaward and Maryland.  There are pivots all over the place.  Anyway, it was late afternoon when we arrived and Benjy talked some business with Bob and Bob there. They came to the Research Field Days last year with some of their growers. We walked through the warehouse and the lights were already off, but you could still see.  Like the indoor tanks filled with fertilizers.  Ready to move to the field soon. 
And there were lot's of totes and twin packs.  So for all of your AgroLiquid needs, see Aurora.  I'm sure they would even be happy to sell you a full tote.
On the way back to Salisbury, I bought a truck for the NCRS.  It will fit right in.  We put a sign on it to advertise the Research Field Days on the drive back to Michigan. 
Well I thought about it anyway.