Monday, March 11, 2013

Now This is Really East!

So three members of the Research Staff here at the NCRS have headed East, but didn't stop till they were half way around the world.  Stephanie is just back from spending a week in Israel on a trip with members from her parish and diocese on a tour of the Holy Land.  Dan is in South Sudan till the end of March on a return mission trip to a village there.  He is helping them with sustainability on how to raise crops and animals.  I imagine it would help to have some Liquid fertilizer there, but that's a long drive for a tanker.  And Tim B and his wife, Pauline, are on another trip to Africa with Faith Tech International Bible School.  This time they are in Kenya after a similar trip to Tanzania in 2010.  They will provide lessons from the Bible and how it is applicable to daily life.
I'm sure that such exposure to other parts of the world will give them all unique perspectives on life here.  After they all return I may try to get a picture or story or two for the blog.  But wish them luck.