Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Ready For The RFDs

So this week Dr. Jerry is on yet another fertilizer mission so he bravely left me (Stephanie) in charge of the blog update.  Don’t worry, he will be back soon with an update from the field. 

Here at the NCRS, wheat harvest finished up last week and now it’s time to get everything ready for the upcoming Research Field Days (RFDs).  It’s hard to believe that the first tour is exactly 1 week from today.  This means the crew has been working hard to get everything look great for the hundreds of expected visitors.    
Here is Michigan State intern Mike working alleys.

 Grass alleys need to be trimmed too, here is West Texas A&M intern Chance taking care of that.
Something new for the tours this year is improved show trailers.  Here is Tim testing out the mics and speakers.
As mentioned in previous blogs, the highlight of this year’s RFDs is the new Demonstration Farm. This is the 12th farm for the NCRS and is home to over 225 plots that will be used training and tours throughout the summer. Unlike the rest of the experiments at the NCRS, these are just for showing on the Field Days.  So feel free to grab an ear or bean or something.   This farm will be our starting point for the summer RFD's and there will be lots to see. The morning demonstrations tours will focus on corn and soybean fertilizer placement, nitrogen programs and root dig phosphorus comparisons on corn. While the afternoon events will be a riding tour of the replicated research plots looking at more corn and soybeans or fruits and vegetables. 

We understand that there are crops other than corn and soybeans grown across the country, so over the extended lunch break attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of crop options, check out equipment and learn more our Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizer products.
Other than corn and soybeans, the demonstration farm has 7 other crops currently growing there plus fruits and vegetables.  Some of these include:

and Cotton


It’s been fun being the guest blogger for the day, but I will let Dr. Jerry have his job back.  Registration for all RFD dates is now available online, just visit and click on the “register here” link.  Some dates are filling up, so register soon.  I look forward to seeing you this summer.