Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary AgroLiquid

So at the start of the week there was an assemblage of AgroLiquid staff and Area Managers in Excelsior Springs, Missouri for an event called the Corporate Growth Conference (CGC).  It was at a hotel/resort called The Elms which is a very nice place to visit.  Anyway, the conference was to provide information and inspiration to those involved in the provision of AgroLiquid to growers.  (There was another conference for the other part of the country somewhere else the previous week, but I wasn't at that one.)
 One event the first night was to cut the 30th Anniversary cake.  Yes, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers was incorporated in 1983.  How did people manage growing crops up through 1982?  The Dark Ages indeed.  I'm very glad to have been a part of it all for 21 of the 30 years.  Below we see Troy, Jill and Albert Bancroft cut the cake.  Give me a little piece, please. 
We were outside for this evening celebration.  It was a little warm, but no one wanted to sit down.  This is what most attendees enjoy: visiting and sharing stories with others. Renewing old and making new acquaintances.  There were nearly 200 in attendance.  I didn't have a wide enough lens to capture all of them.
There were a variety of presentations, one of which was the Research Update.  Below Dr. Brian discusses some of his fruit and vegetable research. 
There were also several guest speakers, one of which was Miss Emma Cannon.  She is the current North Carolina FFA President and a student at NCSU.  She spoke of the importance of ag education in the school system.  Not just for farm kids, but for all kids.  Fewer and fewer people know anything about where food comes from and what it takes to produce it, and that needs to change.  Emma is a very good speaker and certainly made an impression on this audience.  (My picture of her at the podium wasn't as good as this one of her visiting with Troy & Jill and a fan.)
Well surprisingly I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do.  How annoying is it to have someone taking pictures during a conference  anyway?  So, full of knowledge and drive, everyone dispersed and returned home to get busy.  Fertilizer selling knows no off-season.  I will say again that this was a great venue for our CGC.
And after all of the banquet meals and snacks, here is my meal plan for the upcoming week.  Or for a day maybe. We'll try an hour.
Well next week I have one more fertilizer mission before staying home awhile at the NCRS to prepare for the upcoming RFD's.