Monday, July 15, 2013

Wheat Harvest Begins...And A Home Ends

So it is finally time for wheat harvest.  We are later than in recent years, but it has been cooler and wetter.  But today it was time to get to harvesting plots.  Unfortunately there has been talk from elevators that vomitoxin levels are high and prevalent in some loads already taken in.  Vomitoxin is a mycotoxin from the Fusarium fungus, which is the cause of Fusarium Head Blight.  Well we did not notice any head blight, and sprayed for it anyway, so hope we reap the benefits.  Here is Phil at the helm of the combine going through a plot on Farm 5.  It was hot and humid today, in the 90's.  But Phil probably had his coat on in the AC in the cab.
Robb was keeping cool in the tractor, but poor Tim was out in the elements up in the grain cart recording plot weights and collecting samples for grain quality analysis.  But that's what keeps Tim happy.  And as it turned out, a great way to spend a birthday.
 And right behind this wheat experiment is this sugarbeet experiment.  It looks really nice at this time.  It will be quite a while before this is harvested.  Beets are usually the last crop harvested sometime in November.  Probably won't need air conditioning then.
 And maybe you heard that our old home office building was torn down last Friday.  May as well do it as we are out and settled in the new place. This pic was taken on that walkway out to the front "silo". (I showed it several times during construction.)  So now all you see of the old place is the roof.  And across the street is the old old office, which is now the headquarters of our friends at Miller Brothers Excavating.  So I am actually in my third office building in my 21 years at AgroLiquid, not counting my farm offices.  Maybe my last, but who knows the way things are going, and growing.
Well they harvested three wheat experiments today, and there are two left for tomorrow.