Saturday, October 5, 2013

Harvest Helpers

Soybean harvest continues at the NCRS as the weather continues to be favorable.  This harvest scene was last Wednesday.  Is there any way to make this operation work better?
Well maybe, as the AgroLiquid field agronomists stopped by Thursday afternoon for a few hours of intense harvest help.  Below we see Alan, all the way from Idaho help collect soybean samples during a harvest operation on Farm 5.  Probably a different experience than wheat and potato harvest in Idaho.
Likewise a different experience for Mike from Florida.  But both of these guys leave home for agronomy support all over.  So they probably step into a soybean field from time to time. 
Who is this guy here picking bell peppers?  That's no's Sales Account Manager Paulino from Florida.  What's he doing here?  He was up to the office for some business, but when the call went out for harvest help, he pushed his way onto the bus to the farm.  I'm sure he is also the best dressed pepper picker that has ever worked at the NCRS.  Thanks Paulino. 
And here is agronomist Jay from Indiana also harvesting bell peppers.  This is the last picking here, so Jay pulls the plants and picks the peppers at the same time. 
Well thanks for all of the help guys.  Stop by any time.