Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pre-harvest Plot Check in the Thumb

So the Thumb in this case is the Thumb of Michigan.  Everyone should know what I'm talking about, right?  But it is prime agricultural land out there.  The land is flat and the soil is fertile.  There is a research effort out there called TARE: Thumb Area Research and Education.  It is run by MSU Extension, although they are self supporting and managed.  It is research for farmers.  We had them run some corn nitrogen plots there last year, and continue this year.  They don't have a liquid planter yet, so hopefully we can help with that for next year.  But SAM Kurt and I drove out there last Friday to look at the plots that they had at two locations.  They should be harvested any time, so this was a good time.  Below we see Kurt at the end and TARE technician Jim Vincent telling us what plot we are in.  The corn looks pretty good, and should yield well.
I like these plots because they are good and long.  That's because they are on farmer cooperator ground, so are not restricted like some research places.  It was hard to tell any treatment differences by the feel the cob method, so we will have to wait for the harvest report.  The stand is excellent, with Jim having made some planter improvements with a grant from the Michigan Corn Growers Association.
So it was a nice and sunny day, until I got back to the NCRS in late afternoon.  As I was leaving to go home, I saw this telling shot of heavenly light shining down on the NCRS office.  That's a relief.
Well blessing or not, this week will again be pretty rainy, as it was over the weekend.  So not sure when harvest will resume.  The time has come to act, and act fast.  I'm leaving.  On a fertilizer mission, that is.  But as I was leaving the farm, I saw this new paint scheme on a van trailer.  Or should I say picture scheme.  It's sure different.  And eye-catching too.  Hope no one drives off the road looking at all of the cool pics.  Not sure if there is to be some sort of company unveiling ceremony...but you saw it first here on Live From the NCRS.  Look for one on a farm near you.
What do you think of it?