Sunday, April 13, 2014

Liquid's Gazelle Girls. Don't Get in Their Way!

So while all us Liquid dudes were hanging around doing regular weekend stuff, it seems that the Liquid ladies assembled in Grand Rapids for a charity race this morning.  It was called the Gazelle Girls Half Marathon and 5K.  There were four charities that were the beneficiaries of the funds raised.  Below is the Liquid contingent.  It looks like most of the women of Liquid showed up.  And they are certainly dressed for the occasion.  I certainly would have gone if not for that pesky Y chromosome that I have. Stephanie sent me these pictures to document this charitable endeavor. 
I think that Eustaquia was the recruiter/organizer for this out of town road trip.  She loves to run and actually ran the half marathon.  The rest did the 5K which is still pretty far... especially on foot.  I'm not sure when this pic was taken.  So I don't know if she is smiling because she looks so swift in her gear before the race, or after the race because she is done.
Here we see BFF's Stephanie and Tracy.  I knew that Stephanie's race "skirt" would be pink.  If she had her way all of the tractors and equipment at the farm would be pink.
Time for the start of the big race.  Pretty good turnout I would say.   
So I guess that they had fun too.  Did you know that Liquid is sponsoring a 5K race out at the NCRS on August 30?  But it is open to both sexes, so choose carefully.  And I don't know if you have to wear running "skirts" or not.  But Eustaquia is in charge, so you never know.  Details forthcoming.