Wednesday, April 30, 2014


So in the last blog episode I announced that AgroLiquid would be the featured on the always popular TV show Rural America Live on the RFD Network.  It would be from the Northstar Studios in Nashville, TN.  I had been there several times before and was excited to be selected for the show again, along with sales manager Galynn.  Believe it or not, we don't just walk in and start the show. There is quite a bit of prep work.  Senior Marketing Manager Lonny put together an outline, and we all sat down in the afternoon to put the show together.  That's host Mark Oppold and production manager Becky Hirsch between Galynn and myself.  Lonny took the picture, so he was really there.
After that it was the pre-show meal.  One dilemma: baked beans, eat or not eat?  Well I love those, so I had some.  No problems.  There's Lonny on the left and RFD TV network Chief Revenue Officer Brian Hughes at the head of the table.  He is so happy because viewership and revenue are sure to spike when we go on the air.
After dinner and a change into our on-air attire, it is time for makeup.  Makeup is again applied by Cherokee.  It's in my contract that only she can do my makeup.  (And during commercial breaks she kept coming in and patting my head with something.  I wonder what that was all about?) Here we see the challenge of making Galynn suitable for viewing. Fortunately I went first because she ended up having to use all the makeup she had on him.  
It's almost time.  Here is the production room.  All those people and all those monitors just for us?
And Action!  In case you missed the show, we decided to wear the colors of our respective universities in Oklahoma:  Orange for OSU, and red for that other school in Norman.  (My fingers are incapable of typing "OU".  Oops.)  Fortunately things did not get out of hand and Mark did not have to move between us.  What was the show about?  Among other things we discussed in-season options for fertilizer application such as side-dress (more than just nitrogen), foliar feeding crops and pastures.  Plus there were calls on a variety of topics from listeners.  And as always, the hour flew by. I thought it was a good show, but I haven't seen a playback yet.  But in my mind: fabulous! 
It should be posted on the website before too long if you want to watch it. (And who doesn't?)