Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And They're Off....

So finally Mother Nature gave the NCRS a break, and planting was able to begin.  Several weeks later than desired, but finally seeds are in the ground.  First plot on Monday was a sugarbeet plot.  Tim pilots the planter through the plots.
Monday was also the first day for the college interns.  From the classroom last week to another learning experience here.  Hopefully their heads have some room left for some fertilizer knowledge. Where do you think the term "fertile minds" comes from anyway?  Stephanie shows Kalvin and Emily the workings of the fertilizer wagon, aka "War Wagon", and the mixing of treatments.  Poor Emily saw my camera and tried to back her way out of the picture.  She'll soon learn the ways of NCRS bloggery and the fame that goes with it. 
On the other side of the farm we see Brian planting potatoes.  There are two more interns, Kelly and Jimmy, working in specialty crops this season.  They check the planting and will no doubt be back in this field many times.  At some point I will have a feature about the interns.  But they are all agronomy or hort majors, so we are in good hands and hopefully it will be a good experience for them. 

Meanwhile, Phil was busy spraying those pesky weeds that always seem to show show up in wheat. This is a field of production wheat on Farm 7.  Keep it clean, Phil.
Glad I can report that the season has begun here at the NCRS.  Since it takes more than one day to do all of the planting, there will be plenty more to come.