Monday, May 26, 2014

No Time to Rest Now

So planting is delayed by the extra rainy spring, but true researchers push on.  Or plant on, that is.  Like last Friday, as the Specialty Crop crew, with Brian at the wheel, transplanted celery on Farm 12.  Salad bars everywhere await ways of growing taller and crunchier celery.
 From behind we see interns Kelly and Jimmy as they drop the transplants into the revolving wheel to be set into the ground and get a squirt of Liquid and water.  The celery that is, not the interns.  That's Dan following behind to make sure they are all set correctly and collect anyone that falls off.
 And here is a look at the celery experiment in progress.  Replicated plots of different fertility inputs.  Stay tuned.
The field crop crew worked steadily all weekend and even on Memorial Day Monday to try and make up for so much time lost to rain.  It rained 1.6 inches on Tuesday and Wednesday keeping the planter parked most of the week again.  So here they are on Sunday planting a corn test.  Stephanie and Tim load another test batch of fertilizer into the Monosem.  It's obviously Blue Shirt Sunday.
And off on another round. 
Here's Mitch working some ground with the new vertical tillage tool that same day to get the next plot site ready. 
Jeff was planting production ground also on Farm 7 and Phil was spraying after plots were planted.  At least it's fun.  Isn't it?