Friday, May 30, 2014

Beautiful Bride...Proud Father

So I was kind of busy away from the world of fertilizer the last few days.  It seems that my daughter Elyse and her fiance Chris picked Thursday May 29 to get married.  Why get married on a Thursday you ask?  (And so did lots of their friends and relatives.)  Well it was the date that they met in San Diego five years ago. But her mother and I were pleased that they wanted to get married here at home in Grand Ledge, Michigan in the church where she grew up.  I took this pic after the ceremony. Certainly she got her good looks from her father, ok...make that her mother.
She worked briefly, well very briefly, at the NCRS back in High School.  But I'm sure even that experience helped to make her the person that she is today.  And living in California, having a little knowledge about fertilizer and farming can't hurt.  So best wishes to her and Chris.