Thursday, May 29, 2014

Up to the Minute

So field crop planting continued on Tuesday with Phil spraying for weed control after planting.  Here he has his boom set for 45 feet which sprays three 6 row passes at a time.
 And here is Jeff finishing up a small field of production corn.  By that we mean that there are no replicated plots in this particular place.  But we will still monitor production with the chosen Liquid fertilizer program based on soil test.
 Here is something new and cool that I wanted to show.  It's our new weather station down on Farm 7.  (And still lot's to see in the background of this pic.  Like Phil and Jeff, ......and a Redwing Blackbird.)
 But here is why this is cool.  There is an app that enables you to check the up to the minute weather conditions here.  We have one station here and one in the apple orchard on Farm 8.  Not exactly sure how it works, but the signal goes somewhere and then somehow gets to my phone.  So I could be anywhere and know what is happening weather-wise back at the NCRS.  But it also helps the sprayer and planter personnel get the application weather conditions more quickly than having to measure it with a thermometer and hunidity and wind measuring devices.
Now that's progress.  And weather is always on a farmer's mind.  Especially research farmers.