Sunday, June 15, 2014

Agronomy In Action

So this past week was a busy one, as they all are it seems.  The three field Agronomy Managers were in town for a training session.  There have been some changes in the Agronomy group of late, including some new additions, so it was good to have a sit down.  One of them, Dr. Mike Read who is based in Florida and mainly covers the Southeast, has been a Field Agronomist for several years.  But former SAM Reid Abbott is new to the group.  He is still based in Texas and will cover Texas, the mid-South and up into the Southern Plains.  But Reid has a Crops and Soils degree from Texas A&M, and had always had a desire to move into the technical side of life.  So now he has.  Reid is a passionate college football fan.  In fact, if he and his wife have another son, I'm sure they will name him Johnny Manziel Abbott.  The brand new agronomist is JW Lemons.  He will be based in California and cover that busy and growing Liquid area.  JW has a wealth of experience out there as well as in the Pacific Northwest where he was born and raised.  He has a great deal of technical knowledge and many contacts.  He just joined AgroLiquid a few weeks ago and has been travelling with CA SAM's Jim and Armando already.  Well there was a lot to cover, and Nick is addressing the group.  We have coffee, Diet Coke, snacks and let the training begin.
Here we see Burt giving a tour of the IQ Hub.  We are in the children's section. (No heckling comments please.)  It is really coming along with some well thought out exhibits.
One thing we did on Thursday was to make the start of the NCRS Video with our old friends from Creative Services on camera.  One change in the way that Agronomy will be run is to be more closely aligned with Research.  It is silly not to utilize such a collaboration both on the farm here, and with the research in the field.  That's me talking about something researchy.
But each of the agronomists talked about the importance of the research going on in their areas to support our growers around the country.  The foundations of the nutrient products are laid down here at the NCRS.  But the uses are refined out in the states where we market, and on the crops that are grown there, but not here in many cases.  So this collaboration will be a great benefit to all.  Here is JW in the NCRS vineyard.  But there are many different crops in California that can benefit from AgroLiquid's unique nutrition, and he will provide much of the needed technical guidance for market growth.  (The camera crew found out the the deer wires were indeed "hot".)
Reid and Mike wait in the on-deck circle for their turn.  Each was shown at a different part of the massive NCRS with a research message pertaining to their parts of the country.  Everyone was outstanding.  
Unfortunately you will likely have to wait till fall to see the final cut.  There is lot's more crop growing ahead that will be documented.  Additionally, the NCRS research managers, Stephanie, Tim and Brian, also made contributions.  Unfortunately that was after we left to go back to HQ for more important training stuff.  But I'm sure it too was outstanding.