Monday, June 30, 2014

Slogging Through the NCRS Scavenger Hunt

So recall that I recently had a blog post that showed the NCRS staff going through a scavenger hunt practice run before the real one with the various Sales managers and some of the office staff.  Well that happened last Wednesday when the sales managers and agronomists were in town for a meeting.  Here are a bunch of them eating lunch before heading out.  The group certainly did not get loaded down with food so that they would stay hungry...for the right answers.
Stephanie and Tim gave mission instructions prior to being released.  Everyone was assigned to a team of four Liquidites of various job backgrounds.
 Transportation mostly consisted of the official sales car: the Taurus or van.  Remember that this event required diagnosis of crop and fertility questions and use of the Research iPads.  They all had their maps and questions.  Another challenge was that it had rained the previous two days, so those that brought boots were envied.  Here is the start.  I don't know why no one is running.  They only have two hours.
 Here is a team looking at some vegetable plants planted in plastic covered beds on Farm 2.
 At first most people left the cars parked on the road.  A little risky driving on the grass lanes here on Farm 7.  Hope this team is on the right track.
There were questions about various crops, agronomic practices, nutrients, soils....and a bunch of other stuff that the Research managers came up with.  This team on Farm 7 must have had a disagreement or something since there is no solidarity in their walk.  Now,'s just a game.
SAM Jourdan is either confident of Victory, or maybe is off to the second stop.  Or has to take a number 2.  (I'll pay for that.)
 Galynn and I mostly drove around with me taking pictures and him bothering the farm staff at some of the stops.  Here is that Farm 11 puzzle stop that I showed earlier.  Phil reminds Galynn that it's "i" before "e" except after "c" in the spelling of the Fase 2.  Galynn appreciated the help.
After awhile some teams were tired of walking and took to driving on Farm 7.  There was a stuck Taurus there, but the team pushed it out.  Too bad that wasn't part of the hunt.   Also too bad I didn't get picture of that.  But it was teamwork.
Now here on Farm 5 was a cool event: a tractor obstacle course.  But nobody was doing it.  Well one team did stop by later.  Admittedly there were far more questions than time to do them.  So Galynn and I visited with Mitch of the NCRS and agronomist Reid.  They look pretty skeptical at believing whatever it is Galynn is saying.  Like that he could complete the course the fastest.
There was backing, turning, more backing, and no speed limits.  Hit a flag and you're out. Here Galynn takes one of many turns.  Well we all did.  And it shames me to say that he did in fact end up with the fastest time.
A corn conundrum on Farm 3.
Now for variety there was a potato sling shot.  Farthest spud wins.  Gerritt is about to let it fly. I wonder if they needed helmets for the two holders?
After the hunt was over and a treat of NCRS strawberry shortcake, the group took a wagon ride over to the high density apple orchard so Brian and Dan (far right) could give an orchard update.  It was an interesting learning opportunity especially since most people aren't too much in the know on the particulars of orchard nutrition and management.  But this is the place to learn.
So Mother Nature gave us a break as the rain held off during the afternoon event.  Tim and Stephanie scored the team answer sheets and gave out prizes.  However I don't really remember the rankings.  But you know that if personnel from AgroLiquid are involved, then their heads are full of...knowledge for a top crop.  Yes, that's what I meant.