Friday, June 20, 2014

Nothing But Research....As It Should Be.

So last week got off to a busy start at the NCRS.  Of course there were days of rain that followed.  But with crops growing, rain is ok with us.  But Monday was a day of making some test foliar applications on corn experiments.  Here it comes spraying a plot on Farm 6.  I should probably move.  I told Tim not to stop for anything.
 And there it goes.  The plot Hagie contiues to be a great research machine.  In addition to spraying, it is also making sidedress applications in corn as well with the Hagie nitrogen bar.  I'll have some pics of that some other time.
 While looking around I noticed this experiment on Farm 5.  The plot on the left had no planter applied fertilizer while the plot on the right had an in-furrow application of Pro-Germinator, Sure-K and micros.  This experiment is testing experimental additives for nutrient enhancement.  Well it looks like there is quite a fertilizer effect already.
Here is Phil spraying Sure-K on a field of alfalfa that had been harvested the previous week.  Spraying after harvest to the new growth ensures that the fertilizer goes into the leaves and then throughout the plant to promote regrowth.  With the cold spring, first cutting was late this year.  But hopefully we will get our four cuttings this year.  It would help if it would warm up for a whole week.
Lot's going on.  And can you believe tomorrow (Saturday) is the first day of summer?  And this year, by coincidence, it's also going to be the longest day of sunlight for the year!  Don't you dare miss it.