Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bucket of Ice Water for Reid

So no doubt you have seen the ALS charity events of late where people are getting buckets of ice water dumped on their heads.  Amazing how much money has been raised so quickly.  Now it seems the challenge is to be more and more inventive.  Well field agronomist Reid was challenged, and decided to carry it out at the NCRS last Friday afternoon.  No ordinary bucket would do.  So he selected a backhoe bucket.  Well a bucket is a bucket.  And it was filled with ice and water.  And yes it was cold.
Reid assumes the position.  There were probably a dozen people from the farm there to witness the event.  Fortunately someone suggested that Reid should probably kneel.  You know, we don't want to damage the backhoe.
 Splash!  A direct hit.
                                             Refreshing!  At least I think that's what he said.
 He didn't have a regular towel, so I offered a paper towel.  Don't want him to catch cold.
 And Reid's wife Kacie flew all the way from Texas to witness her husband in action. 
OK, I probably shouldn't have done that last bit, but it's hard to stop.  It was a worthy fete, and he made more challenges.  So congratulations for the contribution.  Now go enjoy the Pure Michigan weekend.