Friday, August 15, 2014

We Ready! For the RFD's that is.

So here I am getting out of order again, but I wanted to share what went on at the NCRS just a few hours ago.  Well first I drove in and saw all of the beautiful sunflowers.  And they were full of buzzzzzing bees.
But today was the practice run for the Research Field Days that begin next Tuesday.  What? You haven't committed to coming to see us?  What's up with that?  Well here is what you will see at the NCRS part. We practiced our presentation on each other.  Certainly a critical crew.  Jeff will be covering effects of different planter fertilizers on root growth in corn.  Now who wouldn't want to see that?
And here is Tim, still holding onto a soybean plant like he was in Minnesota.  But he is showing different fertilizer placement effects on roots.  I would crawl across the Sahara to see that.
Brian shows different fertilizer programs on growth of potatoes here.  I hung onto every word.
MSU intern Emily shows different fertilizer programs on recently planted winter wheat.  See, we planted it early just so you can see what happens soon after planting. Just for your viewing pleasure at the Research Field Days.
Kalvin discusses fertility of sugarbeets and Navy Beans.  If you can't read his lips in this picture, you had better come here.
Remember Jimmy and Kelly?  Well you can see them in person next week at the demonstrations of vine crops, onions, watermelons and probably any other crop you want to see.  See them now before they go back to that phenomenal institute of learning: Michigan State University. (Go Spartans.)
And I will be addressing long-term program sustainability of AgroLiquid corn and soybean programs. Research proves performance, something that is really needed in times of lower commodity prices. Hear me now, believe me later!
Stephanie talks about critical sulfur inputs for corn.  Fortunately AgroLiquid has you covered there. Research proven no less.  Tim draws a line in the sand.  Cross at your own peril. 
New field agronomist John is not to be left out of the action.  What will he be addressing?  Better come to find out.  It can be the difference between Easy Street and Bumpy Road.
I see that I left out our new researcher Jacob at the apple orchard.  Ooops.  Well if you want to see what is up in the orchard, come see him in person. (Sorry Jake.  I have given myself a series of wrist slaps.  Ouch man.)  So how can you come to see all of this in person?  Well go to your favorite website:  No wait, that's this one.  I mean and click on Stephanie in the home page banner and you will be magically transported to a registration page.  Just pick the date and time you want to come....and your're in.  See you there.
Well this next item should have had it's own blog post, but you're already here.  There are two new research videos posted on the website.    Go there and click the word "Research" and you will be face to face with the videos. One features our field agronomists and the work they do where they are around the country.  And the second details what exactly it is that goes on at the NCRS. They were filmed at early-season and mid-season at the NCRS.  Non-stop fun, so check them out.
Well us researcher types will be mulling over our presentations this weekend in anticipation of the Research Field Days.  We are proud to show our commitment to Research and the development of the the top nutrient products available today.  See you next week.