Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Field Crop Work Underway

So the fall has been pretty rainy so far, but last Monday it was clear and dry long enough to hit the field and start some harvest action.  Here we see some Navy Bean plot harvesting on Farm 7.  Unfortunately, with the cool season the bean plants didn't size up as much as normal.  But harvest them none-the-less to measure treatment effects. 
 There were two Navy bean tests, on Farms 3 and 7.  Since soybean harvest will be late this year, again due to the cool summer, the winter wheat plots will follow Navy Beans.  Taking advantage of the dry day, the wheat plots were planted into the evening.
 Time out for a few days of rain, and then back to sunflower harvest on Thursday.
Also on Thursday, some of the fall Strip Till plots were established on wheat ground for planting next spring.  Strip till plots will evaluate product placement, different nutrient formulations and rates in combination with planter applications.  Stephanie used her photo artistry for this shot.  Or she had tripped and clicked this before hitting the ground. Probably the former.
Well more rain has set in, and probably need a few days of sun and dryness to help with crop maturity.  But now we know everything works and is ready to roll when conditions allow.