Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Big Sky Adventures

So to continue my recent visit to Montana...Bruce and I visited some research plots in winter and spring wheat established by friend and long time Certified Professional Agronomist Neal Fehringer. That's Neal below next to Retail Partner Mike Kilzer, Neal's plot agronomist, and then SAM Bruce on the right.
 There were a variety of plots evaluating N, P and seed treatments.  Here is a plot of winter wheat.  It is very dry throughout Montana this summer.
Neal also helped setup a sidedress nitrogen test with an experimental additive.  It is on a nearby AgroLiquid customer's irrigated corn.  So lot's to learn come harvest.
 We also visited some of Mike's customers in the area, like this field of irrigated malt barley.  It is looking good as expected with AgroLiquid nutrition.
And here are some furrow irrigated sugarbeets, also growing well with AgroLiquid.  This is a long-time customer who commented on the purity and effectiveness of AgroLiquid.
No trip to Billings would be complete without a trip to the AgroLiquid rail and storage site.  I learned that before too long it will relocate to another site on the other side of town, as they have outgrown this site.  I can remember visiting this place years ago when they were just setting the tanks thinking how big it was...and now it is too small.  That's growth for you, which is a good thing.
Bruce counts railcars being unloaded.
 After that, Mike and I paid a visit to long-time customer Tvetene Turf.  They grow sod for distribution all around Southern Montana.  
They grow beautiful turf, both fescue and bluegrass.  I recall working on the recipe years ago with Mike, and we were almost there, but there was a missing ingredient to make it super green.  It turned out to be Manganese.  So MicroLink Manganese became  part of the fertilizer blend with excellent results.
The fertilizer is applied through the center pivot irrigation, pumped from the tank there.  There are several pivots at this and nearby locations.   They are a good customer for Mike.  I talked to their field man and he said they love using AgroLiquid.
 They cut the turf in rounds under the pivot.
In addition to growing turf, they also are equipment innovators.  They build and have patents on harvesting and transport equipment like the machine below.
 And here goes a load of sod to some lucky customer who will have a beautiful lawn of Liquid-fed grass.
And since I was in Montana, it was great to see this family of Grizzly Bears.  A beautiful wildlife scene for sure.
Well actually it was a picture in the hotel I was at.  You can kind of see my reflection.  But I was in Montana when I saw it.