Tuesday, July 5, 2016

NCRS Interns on the Move

So one of the many advantages of being a college intern at the NCRS, I mean besides all of the fun labor here, is being able to learn more about AgroLiquid in far-flung regions of the country.  Or maybe I should say "continent'.  Three interns were on the move last week.

That's Lacie below across the border in Ontario, visiting an apple grower there along with  fertilizer "area manager" (Canadian for "Retail Partner") Clare Horst and Sales Account Manger Steve Ledoux. So it is important to see and learn about the sales process from these professionals.  Thanks to agronomy manager John Leif for the pic.
 Agronomy manager Dan Peterson has some potato plots with a researcher over in Wisconsin.  Intern Jared learned how to take petiole samples, which are used to monitor certain nutrient sufficiency,  So after learning, he is put to work gathering samples.  Now maybe he will be able to use this in the future, who knows?  But at least he has an understanding of this practice common to potato growers.  
Georgina won the long distance award for a trip to the Imperial Valley in far Southern California. Agronomy manager JW Lemons sent this picture of Georgina and SAM Carlos Palavicini by a sulfur burner.  Now I have been to the Imperial Valley a number of times and they never took me to see no sulfur burner.  I will ask her what's up with that. 
So the other three interns are waiting for the call to action where they will slide down the pole to who knows where.  But hopefully it will be as fruitful as the ones this week.