Friday, July 22, 2016

WY to MT Byways

So last week on my way back up to Billings, MT to fly home, I had a little extra time to see some sights.  Like the Stagecoach Museum in Lusk, WY.  They had a lot of nice historic things on display like this two-headed calf born just North of town in 1943.  (It wasn't still alive in there, that would be cruel).  And small world: while there, I saw a family and the kids had on OSU Cowboy t-shirts.  The Mom was a graduate.  We're everywhere!
I have showed some of the nice crop land, but much of the state is just wide-open spaces.  There is lots of room for people in crowded cities to move out to the country here.  Not sure what they would do once they got here though.
There are interesting rock formations along the highway.  It's easy to pull over and take some pics as there is hardly any traffic.

And there is a lot of pretty scenery if you get off the highway.
 Maybe this was a little too far off the highway.  I had no phone service, food or water, and saw no other traffic.  So rather than keep going on this "scenic route" to the North, I went back to the highway.  In the end I was glad I did as you'll see.
Wyoming is a big oil and gas state.  In some parts of the wide-open spaces there are all sorts of things pertaining to that.  I wonder how often someone has to drive way out here to check on them.
 Here is a building in old downtown Shoshoni, WY.  I thought it had character, or used to.  Pretty dry here with only 4" average annual rainfall.
Here is the old main street I guess.  Not much going on these days.  Now there is more of a town with some actual businesses just to the West of here.  But this was probably a happenin' place back in the day.  
Now crossing back into Montana near Hardin, I did a double-take as I passed this field.  I had to turn around and take another look.  I had never seen a field that looked so heavily plowed. It must have been a giant plow and would have liked to see what kind of tractor pulled it.
But I saved my favorite picture for last.  I was passing through the small town of Belfry, MT and happened to see this sign for the school.  And when I did, I made another U-turn.  This has to be the best mascot name EVER!  The BELFRY BATS!  That made my day.
Kind of hard to see, but they have a bat on the pole by the sign.  I'd love to go cheer at a home football game and get my picture taken with the mascot.
You can tell it's Friday.  Have a good weekend and send any rain our way.  We need it more than you.