Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Shot of N on Corn

So apparently I can't stop spraying, or even talking about it. I don't know, it seems I am often very motivated. And today it was to add a final shot of nitrogen on corn in combination with a fungicide application. All of the corn on the farm has either tasseled, or has tassels emerging as seen in the cab picture below. The fertilizers used today were High NRG-NR and ferti-Rain. Both have shown farvorable yield responses with foliar applications to a variety of crops. They were each applied separately at a rate of 3 gal/A along with Headline. The recommended spray volume of 20 gal/A was followed, and I had the pressure at 85 psi. To ensure good coverage, I used 30 inch nozzle spacing, with a 110 degree nozzle shooting midway between the rows. This worked well at the high pressure since the corn was higher than the boom. We have not had any burn problems with this application in the past. The crops are looking good for the most part here at the NCRS. We continue to be hot in the afternoons, so I get spraying done in the morning after the dew lifts some, but the temperatures are in the upper 70's. There is one field crop left to which we have not made any foliar applications. Can you guess what it is? Well hopefully you will find out on Friday. I hope to show something entirely different tomorrow. Thanks for reading.