Thursday, July 1, 2010

Foliar Fertilization Applications Continue

So I returned to the NCRS this afternoon from my fertilizer mission. It was a beautiful day, in the low 70's with no wind. You are probably thinking the same thing I was: "Find me something to spray!" Field Agronomy Research Manager Stephanie had a list waiting, and we happily went to work. Recall that this year for the first time we are using John Deere gps technology for all field applications, from planting to spraying. Gone are flags and marker stakes as plot markers. Now we use RTK for planting, the highest level of accuracy to ensure proper placement of plots. But in my sprayer, I am using SF1, which has a little less accuracy. But all I need to do is find the 6-row plot, and I can use the rows themselves as guidance. But before I go, I have to go through the lengthy setup procedure on my monitor. There are a lot of steps to get all of the information entered, such as equipment, type of application, Farm number, field number, rates, materials, weather conditions, growth stages, et al. And if something is not entered correctly, it won't let you record the application, indicating that something is missing. I often feel like a real Mr. Gleek.But all of this labor is helpful in the end as we have all of the
information for that application recorded and saved to a data card. And with all of the experiments we have this year, that is very helpful. You would think that this steel-trap brain of mine would remember all of this information, but...OK, what was I talking about? In the experiment below I am spraying foliar fertilizers High NRG-NR, ferti-Rain and a competitive product on corn in the V-10 stage of growth. This experiment has three (3 or III) different stages of growth for application. An earlier application has already been applied, and the final application will occur at tasseling, or as we like to say, VT. I am spraying 3 gallons of fertilizer plus 7 gallons of water for 10 gallons per acre. I am also spraying at 55 psi, so it was blowing into the corn pretty good. At the VT application, we plan to add a fungicide. We will be making foliar applications next week as well as the soybeans should be in the flowering stage then, or as we like to say, R1. As long as there is foliage and we can get through it, it will be sprayed. More tomorrow, so stay tuned.
Good night from the NCRS.