Sunday, June 27, 2010

Foliar Applications for Soybeans

So last Friday we completed Round 1 of the foliar fertilizer applications to soybeans. Based on previous research, we have found that the time to make foliar applications in soybeans that are drilled is in the V3 to V4 stage of growth. This is about the time of the first glyphosate application. So that is what we did. We are evaluating several new fertilizer combination treatments. With beans in 30 inch rows, the recommended stage for application is at the R1 growth stage, or around the time for the second glyphosate application, if there is one. We haven't yet determined the optimum stage for beans in 15 inch rows, but we are working on that this year. In the picture below, notice that we have left "tram" lines for the sprayer to follow when making applications in our plots. These plots are on our new Farm 7. The plots are 260 feet long with four replications of treatments, so we are hopeful that this layout is sufficient to determine any significant treatment effects. Stephanie took the picture below while we were making applications to plots. This is a common problem on farms in mid-Michigan. Sometimes at dusk, several dozen deer can be seen in a field at the soybean buffet. But no one wants to re-introduce the wolf or the Yeti. As bad as the deer are on soybeans, the worst crop damage by far is from raccoons on corn in the blister stage.

I am on another fertilizer mission this week, but will try to keep you abreast of any late breaking fertilizer news should any occur. Stay tuned.