Saturday, June 19, 2010

Field Plot Planting is Done

So I didn't stay in Oklahoma to wait for wheat plot harvest. They did harvest it on Friday, and hopefully Jacob sends me some pictures. But I came back on Thursday so I could be at the NCRS on Friday. One thing that was accomplished was the completion of planting of the field plots. The black bean plot was planted as seen in the picture below. Edible beans are planted in Michigan in mid-June. This test will evaluate rates and placement, and foliar fertilizers. We have not yet developed a consistant foliar program for edible beans, but have a good test planned for this year in both Navy and Black Beans. On some of our production ground, Doug planted some Pinto beans for the firlst time at the NCRS, with an eye on some test plots in the future. In this picture I am applying a surface application of High NRG-N on the Black Bean plots. We recommend broadcast application of nitrogen, either pre-plant or post plant. We are comparing this to a combination application with the Pro-Germinator, Sure-K and Micro 500 in 2x2 placement. By the way, did you know that Michigan is the leading producer of Black Beans? Do you know what Black Beans are used for?
Refried beans are probably the main use of Black Beans, but also in chili and soups. So go buy a bag today. They make a great Fathers Day Gift. Speaking of Fathers Day, I hope you can say Hi to your Dad, or pause to give him a nice thought. I was fortunate to see my Dad this past week. I said Hi.

(I left my camera at the farm again, and had more pictures that you would have enjoyed. Fortunately I downloaded these earlier in the day. So there will be more on Monday. Have a great weekend.)